Withdraw money for free in romania

Travel to Romania? Do you want to reduce your travel expenses and save money? One way to save money is to withdraw cash from ATMs for free. In this article you will learn how to withdraw money for free in Romania.

Romania has a large number of ATMs from which you can withdraw cash. However, most banks charge fees for withdrawing money from ATMs. These fees can quickly reach sums of several euros, depending on which bank you choose. However, there are certain methods you can use to avoid these fees.

Our goal is to show you the best ways to withdraw money for free. We offer tips and suggestions on how to avoid bank fees and other charges to ensure you have more money available during your trip in Romania.

Learn more about which banks offer free withdrawals in Romania and which cards are best to use to minimize fees. Read our article and save money on your cash withdrawals in Romania.

The importance of a free cash withdrawal in Romania

Finding ways to withdraw money for free is crucial for any traveler, especially in a country like Romania. Romania is known for its breathtaking landscapes, rich culture and vast history.

One of Romania’s main attractions, however, is its rich and varied culinary scene, which often leads travelers to spend more money than they actually want to. Therefore, it is even more important to find a way to avoid expenditures that can be dispensed with by finding free ATMs.

Fortunately, there are many ATMs in Romania that offer free cash withdrawals. Some of the most well-known banks that offer free withdrawals are Raiffeisen Bank, CEC Bank and ING Bank. So if you’re traveling to Romania, it’s important to research in advance which banks offer free ATMs locally.

  • Avoid expenditures that can be waived
  • Many free ATMs
  • CEC Bank, Raiffeisen Bank and ING Bank

Withdraw money for free in Romania

Anyone traveling to Romania will surely want to have cash available in the local currency. But what is the best way to withdraw money without paying unnecessary fees? Here are some tips on how to withdraw money for free.

First of all, it is worth checking in advance which banks in Romania cooperate with your own bank. Many banks, especially in other European countries, have established partnerships with other banks and thus allow free withdrawal of money from their ATMs abroad.

Alternatively, you can also pay attention to the fees that apply when using ATMs abroad. Some banks here have lower fees than others. So it may be worthwhile to compare in advance.

Another option is to turn to travel credit cards, which are specifically designed for use abroad. These cards often have lower fees for withdrawing cash abroad and also offer other benefits such as travel insurance.

Withdraw money for free in romania

Additionally, make sure to always withdraw in the local currency when using ATMs abroad. Often they also offer the possibility to withdraw money in their own currency. However, there are often higher fees involved.

Withdraw money for free in romania

So, overall, there are several ways to withdraw money for free in Romania. The most important thing is to check in advance which options your bank offers and what the fees are for each option.

Withdraw money for free in romania

Banks in Romania that offer free cash withdrawal

In Romania, there are several banks that offer free cash withdrawals. A popular choice is ING Bank, which operates a large number of ATMs across the country. Customers here have the opportunity to withdraw money for free, regardless of whether they are a customer of the bank or not.

Another bank that offers free cash withdrawal is Raiffeisen Bank. Customers can withdraw money for free at all Raiffeisen ATMs. In addition, the bank also offers a mobile app that enables customers to withdraw money for free via their smartphones.

Banca Transilvania is also a good option for travelers who want to withdraw money for free in Romania. Customers can withdraw to more than 1.500 ATMs across the country to withdraw money for free. In addition, the bank also offers a mobile app that allows customers to manage their accounts and withdraw money from their phone.

Other banks that offer free cash withdrawals include UniCredit Bank and Alpha Bank. However, customers should always check the fees and conditions first before using an ATM machine.

  • ING Bank
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • Banca Transilvania
  • UniCredit Bank
  • Alpha Bank

Especially for travelers, it is important to find a bank with fee-free ATMs to avoid unnecessary expenses. It is worth comparing different options and choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Tips for free cash withdrawal in Romania

In Romania, there are numerous options to get cash for free. However, to avoid unnecessary fees, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Choose the right ATMs: look for ATMs that work with your bank or are part of a larger, international banking group. As a rule, there are no fees for withdrawing money here.
  • Avoid using credit cards: Unlike debit cards, credit cards often have high fees for use abroad. Therefore, it is better to use your EC card.
  • Keep an eye on the minimum amount: make sure you don’t withdraw too small an amount, as this often incurs additional fees. It is therefore advisable to withdraw larger amounts at once.

Also, some banks and credit card providers may have special offers for withdrawing money abroad. Inform yourself in advance at your bank or credit card provider about possible fees and special conditions.

Conclusion: If you choose the right ATMs and pay attention to a few things, you can get cash free of charge in Romania. However, inform yourself in advance about possible fees and offers of your bank or credit card provider.

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