Shure: systemon license term limited to one year

Shure, a leading manufacturer of audio systems, recently announced that the license term for the SystemOn tool will be limited to one year. SystemOn is a web-based tool that allows installers and technicians to manage the configuration and monitoring of Shure audio systems. It also enables quick diagnosis of faults and offers a remote management function.

The decision to limit the license term for SystemOn has angered some users, who now have to purchase a new license every year. However, this change was implemented by Shure to ensure that the tool is always up to date and provides users with the best performance possible.

Limiting the license term is a common practice in the software industry, especially for web-based tools, as it allows them to ensure that users are only using the latest version of the tool. While this change may be inconvenient for some users, it should ultimately lead to an improvement in the product and a better user experience.

Shure: systemon license term limited to one year

What is SystemOn?

SystemOn is a cloud-based tool for remote monitoring and control of audio systems, manufactured by Shure. With SystemOn, users can access and control their audio systems anytime, anywhere. The tool provides a real-time view of system performance and enables receiving notifications about potential problems in real time. SystemOn is a powerful, all-in-one solution that enables better management of audio systems in virtually any environment.

Shure: systemon license term limited to one year

Shure recently announced that the SystemOn license term will be limited to one year. This means that users who want to use SystemOn will have to renew their license after one year or lose their user rights. This is to ensure that Shure is able to deliver the latest technologies and features in SystemOn and provide the best possible user experience.

For users who are new to SystemOn or want to try the tool, Shure offers a free trial that allows them to try the tool and see if it meets their needs. In addition, Shure offers training and workshops to help users get the most out of SystemOn and take advantage of the incredible features and benefits the tool offers.

  • Advantages of SystemOn:
  • Cloud-based tool for remote monitoring and control of audio systems
  • Real-time view of system performance
  • Real-time notifications of potential issues
  • Complete solution for better audio system management
  • Free trial version available

Although SystemOn’s license term is limited, using SystemOn is a worthwhile investment for audio professionals and technicians looking for an effective and efficient way to manage their audio systems. With SystemOn, users can monitor and control their systems from anywhere and receive notifications of potential issues in real time, saving them time, money and effort.

Shure license term changes

Shure, a leading provider of audio equipment, has announced that it will now limit the license term for SystemOn products to one year. This change affects all new purchases as well as all existing licenses purchased after 1. January 2022 be purchased.

SystemOn is a cloud-based platform that allows audio engineers to control and manage Shure equipment from a central location. By limiting the license term to one year, the company is responding to changes in the industry and the growing demand for flexible and customized solutions.

However, Shure offers its customers several options to ensure seamless use of SystemOn. In addition to the ability to renew licenses, customers can also move to a subscription model that includes automatic license renewal and additional benefits like technical support and training.

Shure: systemon license term limited to one year

The company emphasizes that the license term change only affects SystemOn and does not impact any other Shure products or services. Customers who have questions about this change or the available options can contact Shure customer service at any time.

Why Shure has limited the SystemOn license term to one year?

Shure recently announced that it will limit the license term of its SystemOn tool to one year. Customers now only have one year to use their license before they need to renew it. But why did Shure make this change?

One possible explanation is that Shure is doing this in an attempt to increase its revenues. By shortening the license term, they can get customers to renew their license more frequently and thus generate more revenue. Another possibility is that Shure wants to prevent misuse of the software in this way. With a shorter license term, they can better control who uses the SystemOn tool and who doesn’t.

It could also be argued that a shorter license term benefits customers. As technology continues to evolve, a longer license term may cause the software to become obsolete or unreliable. By limiting the license term to one year, Shure ensures that customers are always using the latest and most reliable version of the software.

  • So, in the end, there are several reasons why Shure has chosen to limit the license term of the SystemOn tool to one year. Whether this is a tactical move to increase revenue or to protect against abuse remains to be seen. But customers may actually end up benefiting from the shorter licensing period.

What should users do now?

Shure has announced it will limit the license term for SystemOn to one year. Users must now renew their license to continue using all SystemOn features.

To renew the license, users have to log on to Shure’s website and follow the instructions. There they can also see the prices for renewing the license.

It is important that users renew their license in a timely manner, as the system may become limited or even unusable after one year without a valid license.

Users should also check that their SystemOn installation is up to date to ensure they can take advantage of all the features. Shure offers regular updates to the system to provide improvements and bug fixes.

  • In summary, users must:
  • Carry out license renewal
  • Go to Shure’s website and follow the instructions
  • View prices for the renewal of the license
  • Check if the SystemOn installation is up to date

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