Mouth corners up! It’s okay to laugh…

Laughter is one of the universal languages that everyone understands. It is an expression of joy, happiness and relaxation. When we laugh, we activate many muscles in our face and body, which can lead to better health and well-being. But not only that – laughter can also promote social contact and help us connect better with others.
In today’s world, where we are often surrounded by stress and hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget how important it is to laugh. We focus so much on our problems and obligations that we lose sight of the joy of life. There are so many reasons to laugh, if only we put our minds to it!
It’s time we remember to lift the corners of our mouths and laugh more often again. In this article, you’ll learn why laughter is so important to our health and well-being, how it can improve social interaction, and how you can bring more laughter into your life. Get ready for a smile on your face!

Why laughter is healthy

In a world full of stress and worries, laughter can be a valuable medicine. Laughing more often and more intensively not only improves your mood, but also your health. Laughter helps reduce stress and boost the immune system.

Laughter is not only a spontaneous reaction to funny situations, but can also be consciously cultivated. In laughter classes and laughter yoga workshops, participants learn to use laughter as an active tool in their health care. It’s not so much about something being “real funny, but about getting the body to experience laughter as a positive physical process.

But it’s not just laughter itself that’s healthy, but also what it triggers in the body. Laughter releases endorphins that reduce the sensation of pain and make us feel better in general. The cardiovascular system also benefits from laughter, as it improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Therefore, the following applies: corners of the mouth up! It’s okay to laugh, because laughter is not only healthy, but also contagious. Laughing together with others not only strengthens our connection to others, but also our own psyche and health. So go ahead: laugh more often, laugh louder and don’t take life too seriously!

Mouth corners up! It's okay to laugh...

Tips on how to laugh more often

The positive effect of laughter on our well-being is undisputed. But how do we manage to laugh more often? Here are a few tips:

Mouth corners up! It's okay to laugh...
  1. Watch funny movies or series: A good movie or funny series can elicit a hearty laugh. Choose a comedy that speaks to you and let the humor carry you away.
  2. Read humorous books: If you like to read, there are many humorous books that can make you laugh. Look for authors who are known for their humor, and enjoy the stories.
  3. Spend time with fun friends: When you hang out with friends who have a good sense of humor, laughter is often inevitable. Tell yourself funny stories or experiences and make yourself laugh.
  4. Practice self-deprecation: Sometimes we laugh at ourselves the best. Don’t take yourself too seriously and practice a little self-deprecation. This way you can laugh at yourself and others will be included.

Decide on one or more of these tips and let the corner of your mouth turn up more often than not. Laughter is allowed!

Why healthy humor is important

Humor relaxes us and helps us cope better with difficult situations. A healthy sense of humor can help us stay more composed in everyday life and get through difficult times faster.

Research shows that laughter strengthens our immune system and improves our physical health. Humor also enhances our social relationships and strengthens our sense of community. People with a good sense of humor often seem more likeable to others and are perceived as more open and friendly.

But humor also has its limits. Jokes at the expense of others can be hurtful and encourage bullying. A healthy humor respects the feelings of others and is not made at the expense of others.

Mouth corners up! It's okay to laugh...

In the context of the Corona pandemic, the importance of humor for our mental health also became clear. Some relatives of corona patients, for example, have found humorous memes and cartoons a way to cope with the strain and cheer each other up.

The best quotes for laughter

Humor is known to be the best medicine, so laugh as often as you can! Here are some of the best quotes to get the corners of your mouth up:

  • “A smile is a universal language that everyone understands.”
  • “Humor is not a gift of the mind, but a gift of the heart.”
  • “Laughter and crying are close to each other. Sometimes I cry with laughter and sometimes I laugh with sadness.”

A good laugh is good for the soul, so don’t forget to start your day with a laugh!

“The more you laugh, the more life you have.”

  • “Humor is when you laugh anyway.”
  • “Laughter is a great way to burn calories!”
  • “I laugh because it is the easiest way to enjoy life.”

In times of stress and chaos, a hearty laugh can work wonders. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start laughing!

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