Mcfit founder schaller’s crash: flight path poses mystery

On 16. May 2021 former McFit founder Rainer Schaller crashed in his private plane and died on the spot. The accident took place near Palma de Mallorca airport. Schaller was on his way from Ibiza to Hannover.

The accident raises many questions. The exact flight path and reason for the crash are still unclear. According to air traffic control, the plane reportedly reached a very low altitude shortly before the crash. Some witnesses have reported that the plane was already having problems when it left Ibiza airport. It is suspected that a technical defect or pilot error could be responsible for the crash.

Mcfit founder schaller's crash: flight path poses mystery

Rainer Schaller was very successful in the fitness industry and founded the McFit fitness chain in 1997. To date, there are more than 300 McFit gyms worldwide. Schaller was also otherwise very active in business and invested in various start-ups and real estate projects.

Schaller’s sudden death has caused grief for many people, especially in the fitness industry. Numerous personalities have already spoken publicly to express their condolences.

  • Rainer Schaller was a pioneer in the fitness industry
  • The exact cause of the crash is still unclear
  • Schaller’s death has caused grief for many people
Mcfit founder schaller's crash: flight path poses mystery

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