“Kess educate ® “less stress – more joy” in family life”

Family life can not always be easy. In many cases, parents feel overwhelmed or stressed, which can have a negative impact on family relationships. KESS erziehen® is a program designed to help parents make everyday life with their children easier and bring more joy back into family life.
KESS erziehen® stands for “Strengthening Parents and Students” and was developed by a team of educators and psychologists. The program is aimed at both parents and teachers and offers comprehensive and practical support in dealing with conflicts and problems that may arise in family life or at school.
The aim of KESS erziehen ® is to strengthen parents so that they can deal with their children in a more relaxed and attentive manner. To do this, they are taught practical tips and methods that can improve their relationship with their children and resolve conflicts. The aim is to promote a harmonious family life in which all family members feel comfortable.

What is KESS parenting ®?

KESS education ® is a method of education based on the principle “Less stress – More joy” based in family life. It is an educational approach that aims to improve the relationship between parents and children and minimize family conflicts.

KESS educate ® is based on three pillars: Mindfulness, respect and cooperation. Through the use of various techniques and methods, parents should learn to implement these pillars in everyday life. This involves recognizing and reflecting on situations and behaviors in order to be able to take specific action.

The goal of KESS Parenting ® is to create a harmonious family life in which all members are respectful and attentive to each other. Through targeted exercises and methods, children learn to act independently and responsibly, while parents learn to react appropriately and calmly.

KESS erziehen ® is offered by specially trained course instructors who train parents in courses lasting several days or in workshops. The method is widely used in Germany and is successfully applied by many families.

How to use KESS erziehen ® to achieve a more stress-free family life

KESS parenting ® is a method of positive parenting that aims to improve family life and reduce stress. To achieve this goal, there are certain techniques and strategies that can be used.

One of the most basic techniques of KESS Educate ® is the “appreciative communication”. This involves parents communicating to their children that they are loved and valued, regardless of their achievements. At the same time, parents should be careful to acknowledge their behavior when they do something positive.

Furthermore, it is important to set clear limits and to point out consequences for misbehavior, but at the same time to involve the child in decisions and problem solving. This active involvement creates a sense of responsibility and belonging in the family.

Another technique of KESS erziehen ® is the promotion of autonomy. Parents should make sure that their children gradually gain independence and take responsibility for their own decisions. This can be achieved, for example, through delegating tasks and responsibilities.

  • Highlighting important text
  • Use of lists
  • Emphasizing key concepts

In summary, KESS Educate ® is an effective method to achieve a more stress-free family life. Parents should pay attention to positive communication, clear boundaries, involving children in decisions and promoting autonomy to create a harmonious family life.

Who can participate in KESS erziehen®?

The KESS erziehen® course program is aimed at parents and guardians of children between the ages of 3 and 18. The program is open to all interested parties and it is recommended that both parents attend the course together in order to benefit from the program in the best possible way.

The courses are conducted by specially trained course instructors who have extensive experience in working with parents and children. They guide the participants through the different lessons and give practical tips and advice on how to deal with difficulties in family life.

KESS educate® is open to all parents, regardless of their educational or income level. It is particularly suitable for parents who find themselves in difficult parenting situations or need help in dealing with problems in their family life.

  • Single parents
  • Families with several children
  • Families with special needs, such as e.g. Children with disabilities or chronic illnesses
  • Families who are in stressful situations, e.g. through job stress, financial difficulties, or family conflicts

KESS educate® is a program that aims to improve relationships between parents and children and provide them with practical skills and strategies to deal with difficult situations. It provides a supportive and appreciative environment in which parents can learn to parent their children positively and create a happy and healthy family atmosphere.

Parenting with KESS – Less stress, more joy

KESS educate® is a methodology that helps parents to practice a loving and at the same time consistent upbringing. Through targeted training, parents are supported in responding to their children’s needs without relinquishing their authority.

Through KESS educate ® parents can strengthen their relationship with their children and at the same time minimize stress and conflict in family life. The method is holistic and focuses on respectful interaction within the family.

KESS parenting® puts the needs and wishes of the children in the foreground and supports parents in raising their children to be self-confident, empathetic and happy people. The method promotes children’s development and strengthens their self-esteem.

  • Through KESS educate ® parents can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Less stress in family life,
  • More pleasure and satisfaction,
  • stronger ties to their children,
  • Increased security and self-confidence for children,
  • Better understanding of their needs,
  • More serenity and sovereignty in parenting situations,
  • Clear communication and fewer conflicts.

KESS erziehen® is therefore a method that not only serves the well-being of the children, but also that of the parents. Through targeted training, parents learn to better handle the demands of family life and help their children grow up happy and healthy.

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