All banks in austria are joining in with apple pay – but there is trouble

Since the 24. April 2019, customers of almost all banks in Austria will be able to use Apple Pay. The launch of the mobile payment system has been hailed as a great success by banks. Finally, customers can pay for their purchases quickly and easily with their iPhones, iPads or the Apple Watch.

But there is also trouble: One bank refuses to join Apple Pay. Critics accuse it of standing in the way of digitization in the banking sector. But the bank defends its decision, saying it prefers other mobile payment solutions.

Santa claus in the yellow white jersey!

Santa claus in the yellow white jersey!

The Christmas season is a magical time of year, accompanied by many traditions and customs. One of these traditions is Santa Claus, which has special meaning in many countries around the world. In Germany, Santa Claus is an important figure revered by young and old alike. But this year Santa Claus will look a little different – he will appear in the Yellow White Jersey!

Santa Claus in the yellow and white jersey? What is it all about? The whole thing has its origins in sports. The soccer club Borussia Dortmund, also known as BVB, has this year a very special idea for the Christmas season. The club has decided to have Santa Claus perform in its club jersey. The fans were enthusiastic about the idea and Santa Claus in the Yellow White Jersey has since become a real eye-catcher.

Nomads in berlin: capital city life between driver’s seat and exhaust pipe

Berlin is a city of contrasts: on the one hand, the bustling city life with all its cultural offerings, on the other hand, the wide streets that invite you to explore. For many Berliners, the car is the means of transportation of choice. But what if the car is not only a means of transport, but also a home?? In this city of nomads, there are more and more people who use their cars as living space and thus experience capital city life between the driver’s seat and the exhaust pipe.

But who are these people and why do they prefer to live in a confined space?? Is it the freedom to be where you want to be at any given time? Or is it the desire to save costs and be independent? In this series of articles we take a look at the world of nomads in Berlin, talk to them and learn about their reasons for this unconventional way of life.

6 Things kids can learn from harry potter

The Harry Potter books are not only an exciting adventure story, but can also be a source of inspiration and learning. Children who embark on a journey through the world of Hogwarts can learn valuable lessons in various aspects of life.

One of the most important things kids can learn from Harry Potter is the importance of friendship. Harry, Ron and Hermione aren’t just friends, they’re loyal allies who support each other through thick and thin. They show that friendship is based on trust, respect and mutual support.

How to start a care service?

A solid foundation for starting a care service is to have the necessary knowledge and skills in the nursing field. This includes, but is not limited to, completed training in geriatric, pediatric or nursing care, as well as in-depth expertise in caring for patients with a variety of medical conditions and disabilities.

Furthermore, prospective founders of a care service should have commercial knowledge and experience. Setting up your own business requires organizational skills and sound knowledge in the areas of accounting, administration and marketing.

“We are not against free trade – but it must be transparent and fair”

Free trade has many advantages, but disadvantages can also result from it. Especially when companies or states exploit their supremacy to enrich themselves at the expense of others or put them at a competitive disadvantage. In this regard, transparency and fairness in trade are essential.

This is also the view of many governments and organizations that advocate for fair trade. They argue that protecting workers and environmental standards, as well as preventing exploitation and corruption, are important goals that must be supported by international trade.

Electricity prices: return to basic supply for companies?

Electricity prices in Switzerland are among the highest in Europe. For companies in particular, the high costs are a burden. That is why Guy Parmelin, the federal councillor responsible for the matter, has decided to consider a return to basic supply in order to reduce prices.

Electricity prices: return to basic supply for companies?

Basic supply would mean that companies would return to the regulated tariff system set by electricity suppliers. This would regulate and stabilize prices, which could be particularly beneficial for smaller companies.

Sap jira integration: connect your sap landscape with jira

SAP and JIRA integration is a seamless marriage of two of the best enterprise software solutions in the world, providing a great way to increase productivity and reduce wait times. This integration allows you to connect your SAP landscape with JIRA for effective collaboration between your business departments and IT teams.

SAP is one of the leading ERP solutions in the market, while JIRA is one of the most widely used issue tracking software. Together, they enable seamless business process integration that enables fast and accurate order fulfillment and effective troubleshooting. Such integration enables companies to ensure a continuous flow of information and data between the two systems, leading to better business decisions and more effective use of resources.

Heidi klum’s models walk on water

Heidi Klum, the former Top Model judge and longtime supermodel herself, caused a stir with a spectacular show. She had her models walk across the water in Venice in white underwear. But how was this possible?

The answer lies in a special technique: the models wore special shoes that held onto the surface of the water through a combination of water pressure and adhesion. This gave the impression that the models “walk on water”.

Getbucks is banned statement “11 percent at manageable risk”

The U.K. Financial Services Authority has banned loan broker GetBucks from using a statement that says they can offer a return of “11 percent with manageable risk”.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) justified its ban by saying the statement was misleading as it suggested there were no material risks. The FCA considers this a violation of applicable laws governing the advertising of financial products.