Financial support for the self-employed, freelancers and small businesses in times of corona

The effects of the Corona pandemic have not only affected the health of many people, but also seriously changed the economy. Especially for the self-employed, freelancers and small businesses, the crisis can threaten their existence, as they often do not have the same financial reserves as large companies.

To cushion the economic impact on these groups of people, the federal government and the states have launched various assistance measures. These range from direct financial aid and government loans to tax relief and subsidies for rents and operating costs.

A day with sports presenter ruth hofmann from sport1 – what will she be doing during the world cup??

Sporting events always attract large crowds, whether in the stands or on television. The Sport1 channel is a major broadcaster when it comes to sports coverage, and sports presenter Ruth Hofmann is a familiar face to many sports fans.

The World Cup is a special event for many fans and a very stressful time for Ruth Hofmann as a sports presenter. But what does a typical day look like for them during the World Cup?? What preparations do they have to make and what tasks do they have to do during the transmissions?

At the non-profit street festival viva victoria, ecointense works for a sustainable future

This coming weekend, the Viva Victoria street festival will take place in downtown Berlin. This non-profit festival brings together people and organizations working for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. This year, EcoIntense, a Berlin-based environmental management software solutions company, is also a sponsor of the Fest, demonstrating its commitment to the cause.

Viva Victoria’s goal is to educate and raise awareness about sustainability and environmental protection. In addition to information booths and workshops, there will also be numerous activities to inspire visitors to take action. EcoIntense will have its own booth to showcase its products and services that help companies reduce their environmental impact and achieve their sustainability goals.

British expats warn of ‘hidden costs’ when buying homes abroad – including exchange rates

British expat community warns of hidden costs when buying home abroad. Costs that are often overlooked include various fees and exchange rates that can significantly affect the purchase price.

Travel News

British expats who already live abroad have experience and offer valuable tips to others on how to avoid hidden costs when buying a property. Buying a property abroad can be both exciting and scary, especially for those unfamiliar with local conditions.

A motorcycle trip around the world: these ladies make it easy

Motorcycle trips are inspiring more and more people around the world. It’s a way to experience freedom on two wheels while having unforgettable adventures. But what happens if you decide to take a motorcycle trip around the world? This is exactly the challenge three brave women have taken on.

Steffi, Julia and Nadine are three motorcycle enthusiasts who are realizing their dream of a trip around the world on two wheels. They quit their jobs, packed their motorcycles and hit the road. During their journey, they recount their experiences traveling through breathtaking landscapes in countries such as India, Australia and South Africa.

Non-profit property developers tyrol end 2022 with worries for the future

In Tyrol, Austria, nonprofit developers are worried about the future. Although they have had success in building affordable housing for low-income families in 2021, they fear that they will soon lack the financial flexibility to undertake further projects.

Developers have already been struggling for years with rising construction costs and material prices. However, the Corona pandemic further exacerbated these problems. Added to this are stricter environmental regulations and a shortage of available land, which further complicates the situation for nonprofit developers.

3 Classics from novoline: play and learn more about the company!

Novoline is a household name in the world of online casino games. The company has been producing high quality games for years that are enjoyed by gamers all over the world. Whether you are an experienced player or just starting out, Novoline offers a wide range of games to choose from.

In this article we will take you into the world of Novoline and introduce you to the three most popular games that have been delighting players for years. We will also give you an insight into the company itself and show you why Novoline is one of the most experienced and respected names in the online casino world.

The common cold – causes, symptoms and treatment

A cold is one of the most common diseases caused by infections. It mainly affects the respiratory tract and can be transmitted by viruses or bacteria. The first signs of a cold can be malaise and fatigue, followed by a sore throat, runny nose, and coughing. In some cases, fever can also appear.
The causes of a cold are numerous and can range from environmental factors such as cold to personal habits such as smoking. When the immune system is compromised, the body can also be more susceptible to infections. A healthy lifestyle and balanced diet can help reduce the risk of colds.
There are several ways to treat a cold and relieve symptoms, such as drinking plenty of fluids, resting and avoiding smoking. In some cases, medication may also be prescribed to relieve the symptoms of the common cold. Timely treatment can help prevent serious complications and speed recovery.

What is a cold?

The common cold, also known as the flu, is one of the most common respiratory illnesses. It is a viral infection that affects the nose, throat, bronchi and sometimes the lungs.

Use webcam as video source with vlc media player

VLC Media Player is a free, open-source program that is known as one of the best solutions for playing audio and video files. It supports numerous file formats and has many handy features that make it a very useful tool.

Use webcam as video source with vlc media player

A lesser-known feature of VLC Media Player is the ability to use the built-in or connected webcam as a video source. Whether you want to record a tutorial or hold a video conference, VLC Media Player makes it easy to use your webcam as a recording source.

“Nijinsky” ballet by john neumeier

The ballet “Nijinsky is a tribute to the legendary dancer and choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky. The creation of the work is credited to John Neumeier, one of the most important choreographers of our time.

First performed in 2000, the piece has quickly gained recognition among critics and ballet lovers worldwide. Through the incredible technical and emotional performance of the dancers, the audience is transported into another world.