Hamburg accuse commerzbank of giving wrong advice

Commerzbank faces renewed criticism for allegedly giving wrong advice. This time it’s about the sale of risky securities in which investors are said to have suffered losses in the millions of euros. Affected investors accuse the bank of not having informed them about the risks of the securities.

Several investors have now announced they will file a lawsuit against Commerzbank. Some of them have already filed claims for damages amounting to several million euros. The financial institution rejects the accusations and emphasizes that it has always informed its customers comprehensively about the risks of the products offered.

Advice for investors

Invest responsibly and in an informed manner!
As an investor, you naturally want to achieve the best possible results and invest your savings profitably. However, you should not only pay attention to returns and profits, but also to the associated risks and possible losses. A good information base is the be-all and end-all here.
What should you pay attention to?
Extensive research and analysis before any investment is essential. Find out about the company you want to invest in, the industry, the market and the competition. Be critical and question the information and forecasts you are given. In addition, you should keep your personal investment goals and strategies in mind and not be blinded by short-term trends or recommendations.
What are the risks?
There is always some risk in investing, whether it is due to market developments, the company’s situation, or unforeseen external factors. The concept of “High Risk High Return” is also important should not be ignored. Therefore, think carefully about whether you want to invest at all and how much risk you are willing to take.
An investment can be profitable, but only if it is carried out in a responsible and informed manner. Thorough research and a realistic assessment of one’s own risk tolerance are indispensable. Do not become active imprudently and do not allow yourself to be seduced by overly high promises of profit.

The importance of investment strategies

When it comes to investing money, it is important to have a clear investment strategy. Without a strategy, investors can quickly fall into imprudent investments that can lead to losses.

Multigenerational living: how young and old support each other

Multigenerational living is a new concept of living together, with multiple generations living in one house or housing unit. This form of living offers many benefits for young and old alike. Older people can benefit from young people around them while sharing their knowledge and experiences. Young and old can learn and grow from each other and support each other.

The concept of multigenerational living has gained popularity in Germany in recent years. There are many different ways that multigenerational living can be done. From housing projects with shared activities and meals to ordinary rental apartments where different generations live together.

Debit interest rate lock – the reliable interest rate

Debit interest rate lock - the reliable interest rate

The choice of the right interest rate can have an enormous influence on the monthly installments and the total cost of financing. The fixed debit interest rate is an option to obtain stable and reliable conditions. But what exactly is a fixed debit interest rate and what advantages and disadvantages does it entail??

The fixed borrowing rate regulates the duration for which the interest rate is fixed for a construction loan. During this period, the interest rate does not change and thus provides security in terms of financing. However, the fixed debit interest rate also has disadvantages, such as e.B. higher interest rates compared to variable interest rates or limited flexibility for special payments.

Business law firm schalast strengthens its hamburg office by adding a banking team

Schalast, a law firm specializing in business law, strengthens its Hamburg office by adding a specialized banking team. The team is led by an experienced partner and consists of additional lawyers with expertise in banking law and finance.

Business law firm schalast expands its hamburg office with a new banking team

The aim of this expansion is to better meet the needs of clients in the field of banking and capital markets law and to optimize the support of transactions in the banking sector. Schalast attaches great importance to interdisciplinary cooperation and, by strengthening the Hamburg team, offers close networking with the existing practice groups.