Brand award: veganz brings sustainability to the plate

Veganz, the Berlin-based company for vegan products, won the Marken Award in the “Sustainability” category won first place. The award was presented by the magazine “Lebensmittel Zeitung” awarded and recognizes companies that stand out for their sustainability strategy and commitment to a better future.

Veganz has focused on ecologically and ethically responsible production of vegan foods since its founding in 2011. The company places great emphasis on regional cultivation and processing, as well as transparency along the entire supply chain. This is to do something good not only for the environment, but also for animals and local people.

More and more consumers are paying attention to sustainability and animal welfare in their purchases. Veganz has recognized this and managed to create not just a product, but a brand that stands for these values. The Brand Award is therefore a well-deserved recognition of Veganz’s commitment.

What is the brand award?

The Marken-Award is an annual award presented by the magazine “Absatzwirtschaft” awarded. The award recognizes companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance in branding and brand management. Prizes are awarded in various categories, depending on the industry and the size of the company.

One company that won this year’s Brand Award is Veganz. Veganz is a Berlin-based company that specializes in the production and distribution of vegan foods. The company has been recognized for its sustainability strategy, particularly its commitment to bringing sustainability to the plate.

Brand award: veganz brings sustainability to the plate

Veganz’s sustainability strategy includes a number of measures, including sustainable sourcing of raw materials, resource-efficient production processes and the promotion of conscious nutrition. The company also supports social and ecological projects, and is committed to the protection of animals and the environment.

The brand award shows that the Veganz brand not only stands for vegan enjoyment, but also for sustainability and social responsibility. These values are more important today than ever and contribute to the company’s success.

Sustainability at Veganz: Food for a better future

As a leading supplier of vegan products in Germany, Veganz is known not only for its quality products, but also for its commitment to sustainability. The brand is committed to manufacturing its products in a responsible and environmentally conscious way to help protect the environment. Particular emphasis is placed on meeting ecological, social and economic standards.

To achieve this goal, Veganz works closely with its suppliers to ensure that raw materials come from responsible sources and are produced under fair conditions. In addition, the use of environmentally harmful materials and packaging is avoided, and instead natural and recyclable materials are used.

  • Veganz products are free of genetic engineering and artificial colors and flavors.
  • Not using palm oil and protecting animal rights are also part of Veganz’s sustainability principle.
  • In the spirit of sustainability, the brand is also involved in various social projects to have a positive impact on society and the environment

However, Veganz is not just about manufacturing products, but also about promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle. That’s why part of the brand’s mission is to inspire people around the world to make conscious choices and do their part to protect the environment.

Brand award: veganz brings sustainability to the plate

The brand award is a testament to Veganz’s commitment to sustainability and highlights the importance of the brand’s responsibility towards the environment and society.

Veganz wins brand award through sustainability on the plate

Vegan supermarket chain Veganz has been named winner in the “Sustainability” category at the Brand Awards. The award was presented by 800 industry representatives in the heart of Berlin.

The award shows that a company doesn’t just view sustainability as a phrase, but puts it into practice. At Veganz, this means offering only products made from purely plant-based ingredients. In this way, the company wants to contribute to environmental protection and avoid animal husbandry.

Products from Veganz

Soy milk Water, soybeans
Tofu soy milk, coagulants

But Veganz is also setting new standards in packaging, avoiding plastic wherever possible. Transportation is also kept to a minimum as much as possible to reduce the environmental impact of consumers’ daily commutes.

Brand award: veganz brings sustainability to the plate
  • Ecological aspects
  • Distribution
  • Health awareness

By combining sustainability, animal friendliness and health-conscious nutrition, the name Veganz is becoming synonymous with modern and innovative food culture. The award at the Marken-Award underpins the success and relevance of this innovative concept.

Conclusion: The Veganz company’s award shows that sustainability and health awareness are becoming increasingly important in corporate strategy. Valuable contributions to environmental protection can be made, especially in the food industry, through responsible production, packaging and distribution, as Veganz impressively demonstrates.

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