At the non-profit street festival viva victoria, ecointense works for a sustainable future

This coming weekend, the Viva Victoria street festival will take place in downtown Berlin. This non-profit festival brings together people and organizations working for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. This year, EcoIntense, a Berlin-based environmental management software solutions company, is also a sponsor of the Fest, demonstrating its commitment to the cause.

Viva Victoria’s goal is to educate and raise awareness about sustainability and environmental protection. In addition to information booths and workshops, there will also be numerous activities to inspire visitors to take action. EcoIntense will have its own booth to showcase its products and services that help companies reduce their environmental impact and achieve their sustainability goals.

Under the motto “Together for a sustainable future” EcoIntense is committed to an innovative and environmentally friendly future, and supports Viva Victoria in its efforts to inform and inspire the public about what we can all do to contribute to a better world. Visit us at the street fair and let’s make the world a better place together!

What is the street festival Viva Victoria?

The Viva Victoria street festival is a non-profit event that has been held in Berlin for many years. It is a celebration of the end of World War II and Germany’s liberation from Nazism. The festival takes place every year in May and attracts thousands of visitors.

The main goal of the festival is to spread the message of freedom and peace. There will be live music, art exhibits, food booths and a variety of activities. It is a place where people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions can come together and celebrate.

EcoIntense, a company specializing in environmental, health and safety management software solutions, supports the Viva Victoria street festival. The company is also committed to environmental protection and sustainability and works to minimize the environmental impact of its products and services. So it’s a natural partnership between EcoIntense and Viva Victoria.

EcoIntense and Viva Victoria’s collaboration demonstrates how businesses and nonprofits can work together to create positive change in society.

Who are the supporters of the non-profit street festival: Viva Victoria?

The Viva Victoria street festival in Berlin is supported by many non-profit organizations and companies. EcoIntense is one of those companies dedicated to promoting green and social projects. They help the street festival become a fun event, as well as a sustainable one.

EcoIntense’s mission is to help the environment and promote social involvement. They have already made many efforts to achieve this goal. This includes supporting community service events such as Viva Victoria.

The street festival offers visitors the opportunity to participate in many activities, including live music, art performances and workshops. There are also numerous food and beverage stands where people can enjoy local and organic products.

With the support of EcoIntense and other organizations, the Viva Victoria street festival becomes a fantastic example of community spirit and sustainable values. It shows how companies that are committed to the environment can help promote local communities and culture.

At the non-profit street festival viva victoria, ecointense works for a sustainable future

How EcoIntense supports the street festival

EcoIntense, a leading technology company for sustainability and environmental management solutions, is proud to support the non-profit street festival Viva Victoria. The company has taken a variety of steps to ensure the success of the festival and motivate the community to become involved in sustainability and protecting the environment.

EcoIntense has provided a team of volunteers to help prepare and run the festival. EcoIntense volunteers assisted in organizing activities for children and adults, helping to create a friendly and collaborative atmosphere for all visitors to the festival.

In addition, EcoIntense also organized an exhibition to educate visitors to the festival about sustainability issues. The exhibition provides information and practical tips on energy efficiency, waste reduction and recycling. EcoIntense also conducted a survey to determine the opinions and needs of visitors on these topics.

  • EcoIntense has supported the Viva Victoria street festival by:
  • Has provided a team of volunteers
  • organized activities for children and adults
  • Organized an exhibition on sustainability issues
  • Conducted a survey to determine visitors’ opinions and needs

EcoIntense is committed to sustainability and environmental protection and is proud to support the non-profit street festival Viva Victoria. The company hopes that the festival will be a platform for raising public awareness of the importance of sustainability and environmental protection, and will continue to do its part to create a sustainable future for us all.

Why is EcoIntense participating in this non-profit street festival??

EcoIntense is a company specializing in the development of software solutions for environmental and occupational safety management. For us, promoting sustainability and safety is paramount.

The Viva Victoria street festival, organized by the non-profit organization Victoria e.V. is organized, shares our values and goals. For us it is a great opportunity to network with other companies and organizations and to do something together for a good cause.

At the non-profit street festival viva victoria, ecointense works for a sustainable future

We believe that bringing together different stakeholders from the urban community can help raise awareness about environmental and occupational health and safety, as well as sustainability. In addition, we would like to be involved in the region as a responsible company and make our contribution to a society worth living in.

  • Through our participation in the street festival we can:
  • Showcase our company and products to the general public,
  • Establish contacts with other companies and organizations,
  • Express our support for a non-profit organization; and,
  • contribute to making the street festival a success.

We are looking forward to contributing to this non-profit street festival and hope that it will be an inspiring and enriching experience for all involved.

How visitors can benefit from EcoIntense’s commitment to

EcoIntense not only works on developing software solutions for environmental and occupational safety, but is also actively involved in community service projects. An example of this is the Viva Victoria street festival, which is supported by EcoIntense.

Visitors to the street festival can directly benefit from EcoIntense’s involvement. Because the company contributes to a varied program and a pleasant atmosphere. With numerous activities for young and old, live music and culinary highlights there is something for everyone.

In addition, visitors can also benefit from the festival’s environmentally friendly approach. Viva Victoria focuses on sustainability and resource-saving measures such as waste separation and the use of reusable cups. EcoIntense is also an important partner in this area and contributes to the implementation of these measures.

  • Visitors can look forward to a great festival with a focus on the environment.
  • At the same time, they contribute to the sustainable use of resources by participating in the schemes.
  • And last but not least, they can see how companies like EcoIntense are also committed to a better future.

Viva Victoria is an example of how everyone can contribute to environmental protection and the promotion of charitable projects. By attending the street fair and participating in environmentally friendly efforts, visitors are collectively supporting an important cause.

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