Welcome to the Physicians’ EHR Coalition Web Site

stock-photo-15461976-doctor-holding-touchscreen-tabletThe Physicians’ Electronic Health Record Coalition (PEHRC) is comprised of more than 20 medical societies representing more than 600,000 physicians, who share information to support the use of health information technology (IT).

The PEHRC helps physicians–particularly those in small- and medium-sized ambulatory care medical practice–acquire and use affordable, standards-based electronic health records (EHRs) and other health IT to improve quality, enhance patient safety, and increase efficiency.  PEHRC is committed to taking practical steps to educate physicians about the value and best use of EHRs, help them select systems, and focus the market on high-quality and affordable products.

Currently, 23 medical societies serve as members of the PEHRC. Click here for a list of PEHRC members.

The PEHRC is led by an executive committee, comprised of two co-chairs, a secretary, and two at-large members. Click here for a list of PEHRC executive committee members in 2012.

The PEHRC ordinarily holds four meetings per year. Click here for a list of meeting dates.

We’ve just redesigned our site. Let us know what you think!

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